Game Birds
JD has mounted most game birds legal to hunt in North
America. Turkey, Pheasant, Quail, Duck and Geese are the
most common. Woodcock and Sandhill Crane are less
common and may not be legal to hunt in all states.
Deer mounts
JD offers a full shoulder mount available in a variety of poses.
Special care is required when caping the deer for this type of
mount. If you have questions please call before you cut!
JD has enjoyed success with her art
Winner of many taxidermy awards in Nebraska
competitions including the coveted WASCO Award.
Written and published articles for taxidermy
Conducted training seminars to aid and instruct other
Award winning taxidermy since 1990.
Award Winning Master Taxidermist JD Oenbring
JD's Taxidermy
Pheasant grouping wins dual awards
The WASCO award.
One WASCO is given each year to
the most artistic mount at the state
level competition.